Apple RCS Adoption

Apple is adopting RCS, which finally means SMS/MMS can be phased out for better forms of communication. This is not replacing iMessage.
Apple RCS Adoption


Recently reported by 9to5Mac, it appears that Apple will be bringing RCS support to the iPhone next year. RCS stands for Rich Communication Services, which means it's a replacement for what we know as texting or SMS. It works on newer data protocols and allows for iMessage-like features.

The main issue is that Google and Samsung have banded together to bring RCS full support to Android, and of course, leaves Apple with the green bubble situation. Apple has previously stated many times, including just as recently as 2022 about not adopting RCS.

Universal RCS Profile

Apple is committed to using the RCS Universal Profile, which most carriers (at least that I can confirm in the US) have switched over too. For those that haven't, Google through their application Messages, bridges the gap and forces RCS and all the features that come with it.

This means features like location sharing, emoting, read receipts, typing indicators, high-quality images/videos, and more to come. However, one thing it will lack is the end-to-end encryption standard we are used to. Google was able to solve that using their own application and working with carriers to update the RCS profile, however, Apple will need to research a way to include that in their own messaging application.

Apple is Committed

Apple is not opening up iMessage but is committed to making communication better no matter what platform you are on. They have stated that they will be working with the GSMA to improve upon RCS for security, usability, and encryption.

My Take

I say this is a long time coming, and Apple should have implemented this years ago. Apple is always late to the party but it seems like now, they are getting with the times.

Presumably, based on pressure from the EU and Apple's competitors like Google and Samsung, may have had an impact on the decision to reverse course. Does this solve the blue bubble, green bubble debate?


No matter what device you use, or what platform you decide on, you shouldn't be limited in communication capabilities. Even I struggle, though because of my day-to-day duties, I carry Android and Apple. So my preferred communication is usually through Signal, but I still text.

I believe this to be a good thing and a good step forward, though Apple has some catching up to do.

Full Disclosure

Most of this article is comprised of facts and opinions. The featured background image was created by andyoneru and is available on Unsplash. I added a blur and a gradient overlay with some text. Information provided in this article have been linked back to the sources.

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